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Thundermac Series – 4 Sided Planer

LMC Thundermac series - 4 Sided Planer
Fitur 1

Fitur Thundermac Series – 4 Sided Planer

  • Fully Automatic Feeding System (Optional)
  • Designed for Paramount Stability
  • Powered Infeed Roller


Fitur Thundermac Series 1

Centralized Lubrication Points

Fitur Thundermac Series 2

Convenient Spindle Adjustment

Fitur Thundermac Series 3

Heavy Duty Gearbox & Motor

Fitur Thundermac Series 4

Feed System

Smartset 400

Smartset 400

Control Performance (Optional)

  • Automated Machine Quick Setup
  • History & Library of Information
  • All Axis outfitted with Ball Screws & Rotary Encoder Position Feedbacks For Best Set Control and hence better Cut Quality
  • Setworks on any axis as desired
  • Triple digital Readout for each Axis with Desired Size automatically downloaded to the Readouts
Easy & Powerful Functionality
  • Easy & Powerful Functionality
  • Pattern / Profile Memory of 500 or 1000 patterns
  • Download from the Grinding room Meansuring Stand to PC to Upload to SmartSet Control available
  • Ethernet capability so that Factory Service Center can hook into system for troubleshooting, etc.
Fitur Thundermac Series 5

Self Actuating Clutch Type First Top Feed Roll

A Wide Range of Spindle Configurations


  • Programmable Controller provides convenient thickness and width of cut settings.
  • Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed using the front of the machine adjustment. Exlusive, separate adjustment of the vertical spindles and the support tables allows the tables to be positioned extremely close to the cutterheads for added cutting stability.
  • The full safety enclosure serves as a chip guard and helps to reduce noise and is equipped with Strobe Free Lighting.
  • Each spindle is driven by an individualmotor for powerfulmoulding and easy control.
  • Multiple pneumatic pressure of the feed rolls can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect.
  • Table surfaces, guides, chip Breaker shoes and pressure plates are hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.
  • Sectional Chip Breaker Assembly in front of top spindle(s).
  • All moulders with CE Certification if desired.
  • All manually adjusted & turning parts are housed in dry grease lubricated bearing for oil-free lubrication.
  • Automatic lubricator is provided to supply oil to the feed tables.
  • One-piece, Extra Heavy machine frame is especially heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity by standard configuration.
  • The powered Top & Bottom Full Width outfeed rolls provide stable and smooth workpiece outfeed even for especially thin or smooth materials. The rolls remain perfectly parallel even after long-term use.
  • Faster feed speeds of up to 80 meters a minute (265 fpm) are standard – to 185 mpm (610 fpm) – optional
  • Mechanical digital Readouts for all head axis and pressure elements & Chip Breaker Shoes and pressure Plates of the Top spindle (s).
  • Motorized vertical adjustment of the top spindle including PC Setwork & Digital Readouts.
  • Finest Alloy Steel Spindles and housing with 2 sets of Ultra precision Duplex Bearing in each spindle. All are permanently grease lubricated.
  • All horizontal Spindles outfitted with Quick Loc Hydro-loc Outboard Bearings and Cutterhead supports.
  • Built in straight & profile jointers provides accurate operation with high quality finish.
  • The full Safety Enclosure is heavy gauge steel & serves as a chip guard and helps reduce noise.
  • It is equipped with Strobe Free Lighting.
Spesifikasi Thundermac series
Number of Spindles (Min-Max)
2 to 11
Working width (with a head cutting circle of 160-260 mm)
20-230mm (0.78"-9.1")
260mm (10.2") or 300mm (12")
Working thickness (with a head cutting circle of 160-260mm)
10-150mm (0.39"-6")
to 200mm (8")
Basic spindle motor capacity (Wye delta soft starts on all motors)
17.5 7 22 KW/ 20 & 30 HP
to 4.5 KW (60HP)
Spindle speed
6000 RPM
7200 RPM or 8000 RPM
Spindle diameter
50mm or 1 13/16" or 2 1/8"
Tool cutting circle, 1st bottom spindle, min-max
160-260mm (6.3"-10.25")
Tool cutting circle, vertical spindles, min-max
160-260mm (6.3"-10.25")
Tool cutting circle, horizontal spindles, top, min-max
160-260mm (6.3"-10.25")
Tool cutting circle, horizontal spindles, bottom, min-max
160-260mm (6.3"-10.25")
Feed motor - Standard
15 KW / 20 HP
to 30KW (40HP)
Feed speed, infinitely variable by VFD inverter duty motor
8-80 m/min (25-265 FPM)
120 m/min (400FPM), 160m/min (533FPM)
Top feed roller diameter
205.36mm (8")
Top feed roller width
3 x 50mm (2")
Pneumatic pressure for feed rollers, max
6 bar (85psi)
Adjustment range for infeed table and edge-jointing fence
10mm (0.4")
Adjustment range for Vertical spindles (axial)
80mm (3.2")
Adjustment range for Horizontal spindles (axial)
40mm (1.6")
Length of the infeed Straightening table
0.8M (32")
Clucth roll on 1st top infeed roll
Digital readout and quick set to main guide & infeed rolls (Btm Head Cut-table)
Quick set setworks on near side Head(s) & Top head(s) (Radial Set)
Mechanical Digital readouts for the spindles, Top Head chip breakers
Extra insulation with steel punched sheet steel interior
Full sound and safety enclosure w/strobe-free lighting
Motorized vertical adjustment of feed beam with top feed rolls
Pneumatic lateral pressure roller systems on infeed & opposite first right spindle
Extra HD chainless cardan shaft feed system w/ ExHD Gearboxes
Optional on all axis and smartset controls as noted below optional
Diameter of Dust Hood for Vertical Spindles
Ø200 mm (7.9")
Diameter of Dust Hood for Horizontal Spindles
Ø230 mm (9.1")
Straight & or Profile Jointers any heads
Rip Saw Section with up to 56 KW (75HP)
Remote Jointer Control
Additional Quick Set setworks on any desired Cutterhead Axis
Tilting side heads - to 45 degrees
Universal Spindle, tool cutting circle min 160mm, max 200mm
Split top head pressure shoes
Electronic Rotary Encoder Digital readouts in lieu of mechanicial counters - not required with smart set controls as included
Directly opposed side heads
Left (opposite) Hand Feed
SmartSet Touch screen controls with 500 or 1,000 Pattern memory and download capabilities from grinding rooms with upload to the control inclucing Ball Screws, Rotary Encoders & Multiple Digital readouts on each axis
DC Electronic Cutterhead Brakes
Cutterhead lift off crane
Tilting Top Beam, Tilting Feed, Tilting feedworks

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