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4 Axis Wooden Door Machining Center 

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VM4 4 Axis Wooden Door Machining Center

VM4 – 4 Axis Wooden Door Machining Center

Wooden door processing technology: Cutting, oblique angle T-port, modeling, lock bile hole, lock plate, lock hole, ground rail chute, keyhole screw, hinge, handling hole, floor spring, sealing groove and so on, etc. The traditional method requires 5 devices and 10-20 people to collaborate, now 1 person 1 machine solves all problems!


Processing efficiency

General door processing time is less than 8 minutes

Five-sided processing

  • 4-axis machining center
  • Configure horizontal milling in 4 faces
  • Realized five-sided processing

Working precision

  • Straight-line accuracy within 0.2mm 
  • Diagonal accuracy within 0.05mm
  • Accuracy within 300mm within 0.05mm 
  • Repeat positioning accuracy within 0.02mm 

Stable operation

  • Reliable accessories for the entire machine, Italian spindle
  • Japan high power servo system
  • German high precision right angle head
  • Taiwan rail screw

Parameterization wizard

  • The software system is really easy to operate
  • The current parameters already cover the dimensions required  for wooden doors. 

Simple maintenance

  • Simple cleaning every day
  • The transmission part is cleaned machine once a week
  • Clean up once a month
  • Automatic lubrication device

Free software upgrade

  • Wooden door software can be upgraded free of charge within 3 years

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