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SFR-R1300V/1000V/700V – Floating Lacquer Sander

SFR-R1300V-700V - Upper floated Lacquer Sander

Optimal equipment for automatic coating production line


  • It is closer to your needs because of the progressiveness and productbility that we have realized in manufacturing equipment. And we have well prepared for the next process. Besides, we provide quality assurance for sand cutting of machine, through the choice of technology to dynamic balance, heat treatment, surface treatment, so as to achieve the highest quality
  • This system with high precision magnetic grating positioning that can display accuracy of up to 10µm, is not sensitive to harsh environmental conditions, such as water, oil, dust and vibration. Therefore, a highly accurate position detection and machine control are assured by this system
  • There is no elastic deformation in high precision ball screw drive system. So its repeated positioning accuracy can be up to 10µ m
SFR-R1300V-1000V-700V - Upper Floated Lacquer Sander 1
SFR-R1300V-1000V-700V - Upper Floated Lacquer Sander 2
Spesifikasi SFR-R1300V/1000V/700V - Floating Lacquer Sander
Max. working width
1300 mm
1000 mm
700 mm
Min. working width
300 mm
300 mm
300 mm
Working thickness
3-100 mm
3-100 mm
3-100 mm
Total motor power
26.15 kw
25.35 kw
17.65 kw
Feeding speed
5-30 m/min
5-30 m/min
5-30 m/min
Abrasive belt size
1395 x 2100 (mm)
1100 x 2100 (mm)
850 x 2100 (mm)
Working air pressure
0.6 MPa
0.6 MPa
0.6 MPa
Air consumption
12 m ³ /h
10 m ³ /h
7 m ³ /h
Volume of dust collection device
11190 m ³ /h
11190 m ³ /h
8627 m ³ /h
Overall dimensions
2050 x 2130 x 2310 mm
1750 x 2130 x 2310 mm
1505 x 2130 x 2310 mm
Net weight
3400 kg
2800 kg
2500 kg

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