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Project 265

Project 265

“Entry level” 5-axis machining center with “big features: large workpiece clearance, stiffness and high precision.

Master SetUp

Master SetUp 1
Project 265_2

Project 265 is provided with master SetUp, a new worktable “computer aided” setup system! Its operation is very simple and fast. When the user has done thet worktable setup on the control system according to the program to run, he can position with absolute certainty the aluminium bars on the “X” direction and the suction cups/clamps in the “Y” direction. He can check the correct position on a special display on the front of every aluminium bar. Good bye to errors and long wait times for worktable setup. Master SetUp is the cheap and functional solution that combines flexibility and execution speed.

Cutting edge operating unit

Cutting edge operating unit 1

On Project 265 you can see only high-end solutions A new compact 5-axis operating unit that guarantees many advantages : high stiffness, increased strokes, the NC controlled adjustable height suction hood can be used also when the “A” axis is angled, e.g. when using large diameter sawblades. The distance between the electrospindle center of gravity and the “Y” guides on the mobile carriage is among the lowest on the market. The drilling head runs on “Z” independent rails without loading the 5-axis operating unit. This allow you to reach high stiffness levels with impeccable finishing of the machined surfaces.

Cutting edge operating unit 2
Cutting edge operating unit 3

“Tubeless” type working table – versatile, easy and quick setting up

“Tubeless” type working table 1

Thanks to the side sliding stops you can position multiple pieces with high precision and without waste of time

“Tubeless” type working table 2

The vacuum locking of the cups reduces significantly the setting time of the working table

“Tubeless” type working table 3

Panel lifting blades for easy positioning of heavy workpieces

“Tubeless” type working table 4

Wide choice of vacuum cups with different shapes to cope with any customers requirement

Clamping Systems

Clamping Systems

Mechanical Clamping Device

Mechanical clamping devices for easy machining of solid wood, linear and arched components. The clamps are safely locked to the working table ensuring a perfect blocking

Mechanical Clamping Device 1
Mechanical Clamping Device 2
Mechanical Clamping Device 3
Mechanical Clamping Device 4
Mechanical Clamping Device 5


PC Based Control

PC Based control

  • Direct connection to the axes by etherCAT net
  • 17” colour video• Windows operating system
  • Ethernet card
Master AT 1
Master AT 2

“Master AT” graphical software for tables management



  • Boring, routing, cutting graphic programming with boring cycle optimisation.
  • Realisation of parametric drawings and profiles.
  • Tools configuration (Machine setting-Tools editor).
  • Macros for simple and complex processing.
  • Graphic visualisation of the surfaces to be machined.
  • Importing of DXF files generated by CAD systems or from commercial software packages for furniture processing.
  • Automatic conversion of several DXF files into ISO programmes.
Masterwindow 1
Masterwindow 3
Masterwindow 2
Masterwindow 4


Masterwindow is a software package for designing and machining various types of windows (from standard to special shapes) from predefined parametrical models. Masterwindow is very easy to use : the user is guided in every project phase, from the shape choice to the loading of the individual window components.
It allows the project and the related machining of the window ironmongery. Possibility of printing “bar code” labels and through a “bar code reader” selecting the correct programme for execution. With Masterwindow it is possible to configure the parameters of every window components.

Mastercabinet 1
Mastercabinet 2
Mastercabinet 3

Software package for 3D projecting of home, shops and offices furniture.

Master 3D is a complete software and fully manages the woodworking process and CNC : from design to disposition of pieces and underpieces on the bench, 3D automatic collision detection with simulation, machining optimization and program generation. Available in 3 levels.

Master 3D 1


Master 3D 3


Master 3D 2


Master 3D 4

Simulation & Generation

Automatic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool Changer 1

Automatic tools magazine on carriage side, tools magazine on the R/H side of the machine for bigger diameter tools

Automatic Tool Changer 2

Working Zones and Axis Strokes

Working Zones and Axis Strokes 1
Working Zones and Axis Strokes 2

Overall Dimensions

Overall Dimensions 1
Overall Dimensions 2



In substitution of the standard CE safety configuration with sensitive mats, a CE safety configuration with “bumpers” is available. The maximum X axis speed limit is 40 m/min but the layout dimensions are highly reduced.

Spesifikasi Project 265
X-Y-Z axis strokes
3950-1820-555 mm
Maximum displacement speed of X-Y-Z axis
65-65-25 m/min
"TUBELESS" type working table
Panel supports
Prearrangement for arch clamping
Clamping systems
Intermediate reference stops
Rear reference stops
Side reference stops
2 dx - 2 sx
References stops for panels with overhang
Panel lifting blades
Vacuum pump capacity
100 m³/h (std) + 100 m³/h (opt)
Drilling head
N° 17
X axis independent vertical spindles
N° 7
Y axis independent vertical spindles
N° 5
X axis double horizontal spindles
N° 2
Y axis double horizontal spindles
N° 1
Spindle pitch
32 mm
Motor power
1.7 kW
Spindle revolution speed
4.000 rpm
Sawing units
Grooving saw built in the drilling head
Ø 125 mm - 4000 rpm
Routing units
Two axes liquid cooled electrospindle with rotation axe "C" (index)
±360° - HSK-F63 cone attachment
12 Kw
Numeric control and software
Numeric control with PC
MW 315
Master cabinet L1
Remote control
Remote control with display
Max. power supply *
35 kVA
Working air pressure
7 ÷ 8 bar
Compressed air consumption
~ 100 NI/min
Upper dust extraction out let
Ø 250 mm
Out let of conveyor belt for scraps
Ø 120 mm
Air extraction speed
25 ÷ 30 m/sec
Air extraction consumption *
4.900 m³/h
Total weight *
3.800 kg

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