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PLURIS is an extremely flexible, fast and precise multi-axis machining centre; this numerically controlled machine is equipped with a very solid band saw system as in the MZ PROJECT tradition, and a 3 axis high speed electro-spindle for routing mounted on a bridge support whose columns are fixed on the main frame. PLURIS may be used as a dedicated “nesting” system in the production of components for upholstered furniture where complicated geometric shapes are required, wood packings and cable drums.

Specification Band Sawing
MODELBand Sawing
CNC Band Saw Working Area2500 x 1250 x 150 H mm
(2500 x 1550 - 3100 x 2100) *upon request
Angle of Cut+/- 90°
Minimum Radius of Cut50 mm
Dwell (Depth of Curve)800 mm
Blade Size5900 x 13 mm
Cast Aluminium Flywheelsø 900 mm
Flywheel drive motor (self braking)11 kW
Specification Shaping & Mortising
MODELShaping & Mortising
Electro Spindle Working Area2500 x 1250 x 150 H mm
(2550 x 1550 - 3100 x 2100) *upon request
Working Height With ø 14 mm Tool60 mm
Electro Spindle Power in S69 kW (12 kW)
Rotating Speed Electro Spindle7000 - 2000 rpm
Tool HolderHSK63FE 32 (quick manual changing)
Specification Drilling
Drilling Unit With 5 Spindle Working Area2500 x 1250 x 150 H mm
(2500 x 1550 - 3100 x 2100) *upon request
Drilling Depth70 mm
Motor Power1.7 kW

Band-Saw Only

Electro-Spindle Only (for nesting with sacrifice panel)

Drilling Unit + Electro Spindle + Band-Saw


The blade rotation of +/- 90° to the saw is one of the main features of all our CNC Band-saw machines.

3 axes electro spindle equipped with integrated clamp.

Vertical pressure roller to secure the material during the cutting operation by the band-saw and relevant polycarbonate protection shield for the operator when using the electro-spindle.

Conveyor belt behind the band-saw to evacuate the sawn parts. Dust suction system in machine frame by conveyor belt.


Programming Operations

Extremely Flexible Programming

Automatic nesting of the geometries, Easy selection of the working units, Optimized paths for all the working units.

MZ SimpleX is able to simulate all the working units paths showing the cut pieces falling down as to confirm that the band-saw blade is free to move to the next piece to be cut. As a further result will indicate an accurate cycle time.

SimpleX points out with absolute precision any collision between the working units (bandsaw blade, drilling, routing and circular saw unit) and the clamps holding the material to be machined. It also indicates the collision between the working units and the machine table rails.


Distance between blade and column up to 1200 mm

5 positions automatic tool changer

Circular saw for cuts in “Y” axis

Point to point drilling unit with fice independent spindles and integrated clamp

Automatic positioning device for clamps and tables to make the machine set-up very fast and precise and no error

Automatic loader with side panel aligner for loading into the machine. The vertical movement is controlled by a self-braking motor and the processing step is easily adjustable. The loader is also equipped with 3 idle roller conveyors for preloading


Applicable Application

Garden Products

Cable Drums


Upholstered Furniture

Packaging & Pallets

Applicable Material

Solid Wood