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Palm Pellet Machine

Palm processing industry may come with a lot of troubles to solve the rest of wastes, including PKM, PKS, EFB, etc.

These are always the perfect materials for making pellets

Now with LIDA Palm Tec System, it will be very easy to turn your palm wastes into valuable product!

LIDA special Palm shredder could easily crush the hard EFB with high toughness into 10-30mm chips. Whole proces not affected by the moisture.

With the help of LIDA Triple-pass Drying System. It could further easily reduce the moisture to the ideal percentage. After all that, LIDA LD™ Series Pellet Machine will help you to produce perfectly shaped Palm Pellets with high profits!

Unique advantages of Palm Pellets :

  1. Ease in storage and transportation
  2. Smokeless fuel without coking issues
  3. Significantly high calorific values, rich in energy density
  4. Completely neutral in chemical additive

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