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Kuang Yung

MRS-340 – Movable Rip Saw


Gang Rip and /or with Hydro-quick Lock Shaft


  • Equipped with world-innovative Glide Lock Spindle featuring sawdust-free performance.
  • Micro-computer control combined with touch screen for maximum operational convenience.
  • Additional foot switch or joystick for blade movement control.
  • Ruggedly constructed pressure mechanism feature outstanding stability and safety during cutting.
  • Each press roller is loaded with two springs for increasing stability of feeding.
  • Independently mounted control box provides convenient operation.
  • Multi-hole unit combined with enclosed dust collection design exhibit outstanding performance.

Movable Gang Rip Saw with one / or two powered moving saw.

Specifications Of The Skew Optimization System

  • Equipped with 2 pieces of movable laser light and 1 piece of fixed laser light.
  • Functions included are wood scan, production simulation, production record, and yield.
  • Automatic fence skew device.

Wood Sensing Range

  • Min. length of wood: 1.2 meters (4′)
  • Max. length of wood: 3.6 meters (12′) / 4.8 meters (16′) (optional)
  • Max. thickness of wood: 50mm (2″) / 90 mm (3.54″) (optional)


Max. working length 3.6 meters

Max. working length 3.6 meters

Max. working length 4.8 meters

Max. working length 4.8 meters


  • The scanning system is designed in U.S.A with 10 years of experience in software and hardware design.
  • Over 200 units have been sold to North America and Europe with full satisfaction to each customer.
  • Employ window operation system, learning, program, update and maintenance.
  • Cutting rate reaches 5-6 pieces per minute (cutting efficiency depends on operator’s skill, wood length, and feed speed).
  • Yield is 7-10% higher than that of conventional multi-rip saw.
  • The world-innovative automatic wood skew system provides 2-3% higher yield than that of fixed fence.
  • The system can perform simulation and prediction according to user’s cutting sizes, then provide a suggestion for proper arrangement of various blade thickness and estimated yield. Therefore, the most material saving effect can be achieved.
  • The system provides production records, including yield, quantity, total length, and volume, making it convenient in production management, inventory control, and cost calculation.
  • The system is easy to operate without need of highly skilled technician.
  • The operator’s position is safe that eliminates accident caused by wood kick-back.

Choise of Two Sawhead Configurations

  • Max. height of cutting 100 mm (4″) on movable saw.
  • Max. height of cutting 110 mm (4.33″) on fixed saw.
  • Movable saw traverse 15-340mm.
  • Accommodates 12″ or 14″ diameter sawblades.
  • Powered by 50 or 60 HP motor.
Two Movable and Fixed Blades Configurations (MRS-340M2)

Two Movable and Fixed Blades Configurations (MRS-340M2)

Single Movable and Fixed Blades Configuration (MRS-340M)

Single Movable and Fixed Blades Configuration (MRS-340M)

Fixed Blades Configurations (MRS-340)

Fixed Blades Configurations (MRS-340)



(Patented in several countries for 20 years)

  • World innovative technology cooperation with England.
  • The innovative glide lock spindle has been patented in several countries for 20 years
  • The glide lock spindle provides increased convenience in maintenance and dust cleaning off.
  • Prevent wood jamming when blade is moving.



FOR MRS-340M / MRS-340

Can be used for the following applications:

  1. Can be used as a standard multi-rip saw with standard alloy spacers and nut.
  2. For use as a hydraulic quick-lock gripping device for saw carriers.
  3. For use as a glide lock spindle for moving saw(s) with computer controlled.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Convenient to change production type to meet various production requirements.

Air Loaded feed Rollers (Optional)

  • The complete feed rollers are air loaded to ensure outstanding stability during cutting and smooth feeding effect.
  • Pressure for each feed roller can be individually adjusted from the centralized pressure regulators.
  • Pressure for each feed roller is indicated by individual pressure gauge.

Powerful Multiple Rip Saw

It can also be inserted with conventional aluminium spacers for cutting workpieces with 10-25 mm thickness.

Specially-designed Pressure Mechanism

  • To ensure outstanding stability during cutting and smooth feeding effect, each infeed and outfeed roller is loaded with two springs

Five Pressure Rollers

  • The five heavy-duty pressure rollers, combined with additional pressure plate, assure maximum stability during cutting.

Easier Chain Block Replacement Design (optional)

  • KuangYung Rip Saw features a special design on the chain block structure, making it easy to replace when worn out.
  • Urethane covered replaceable pads is also available.

2.2-2.4 mm Ultra Thin Blade (Patented)

Ultrathin patented saw blade (2.2-2.4mm) is able to do panel joint, and the cutting speed can be up to 40M/min.

Laser Light

The laser unit provides accurate indication of cutting, which is convenient for operator to make decision.

Variable Feed Speed Though Inverter Control (Vfd)

  • The variable feed speed range from 5-40 meters per minute (20-135FPM) is controlled by a high performance frequency inverter control.
  • Feed speed can be easily adjusted on the control panel.

Three Rows Of Anti-kickback Fingers

The machine infeed end is equipped with three rows of anti-kickback fingers which prevents wood kickback during cutting

Auxiliary Powered Outfeed Roller

The additional powered outfeed roller, equipped at the outfeed end, ensures smooth workpiece outfeed even for thick, heavy and moist wood.

Digitally-controlled Lubricator

  • The machine is equipped with high performance digitally-controlled lubricator, providing a proper film of oil between the chain and the rails. Oil flow varies with feed speed.
  • In case the amount of oil in the oil tank is insufficient, the warning lamp lights up to alert the operator and the feed chain stops automatically. This safety design ensures the service life of the feed chain and the rails.

Machine Dimension

Machine Dimension
Spesifikasi MRS-340
Max. cutting thickness (standard)
100 mm (4") by Movable Saw
(using ø14'' saw blade) 110 mm
110 mm (4.33'') by Fixed Saw
75 mm (2.95'') by Movable Saw
(using ø12'' saw blade) 85 mm
85 mm (3.34'') by Fixed Saw
Max. cutting thickness (with short stock cutting device)
(using ø14'' saw blade) 80 mm
(using ø12'' saw blade) 50 mm
(using ø12'' saw blade) 60 mm
Max. Cutting width
340 mm (13.4'')
340 mm (13.4'')
Max. Material width
650 mm (25.6'')
650 mm (25.6'')
Min. Material length (standard)
550 mm (22'')
550 mm (22'')
Min. Material length (with short stock cutting device)
400 mm (15.8'')
400 mm (15.8'')
Max. Sawblade diameter
ø355 mm (14'')
ø355 mm (14'')
Min. Sawblade diameter
ø305 mm (12")
ø305 mm (12")
Sawblade bore
ø90 mm
ø70 mm
Saw arbor diameter
ø70 mm
ø70 mm
Saw arbor speed
3800 rpm (50, 60 HP)
3800 rpm (50, 60 HP)
Pressure roll motor
0.5 HP
0.5 HP
Saw arbor motor
50 HP (60 HP)
50 HP (60 HP)
Feed motor
3 HP
3 HP
Variable feed speed
5-40 M/min
5-40 M/min
Dust hood dia.
ø200 mm (8'') x 2 / ø100 mm (4'') x 1
ø200 mm (8'') x 2 / ø100 mm (4'') x 1
Table height from floor (H)
900 mm (35.5'')
900 mm (35.5'')
Table area (LxW)
1525 x 595 mm
1525 x 595 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)
2241x1573x1833/2242x1573x1983 mm
2240 x 1480 x 1750 mm
Net weight
2200 kgs
2100 kgs
  • We reserve the right to amend any of the above specifications without prior notice.

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