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MF90200 – Dust Collector ( Centralized )


MF90200 - Dust Collector ( Centralized )
  • The machine is most suitable to be installed in a small and medium size workshop. This machine can handle the pairing, sawdust, sanding dust and other flotsam from 15 to 20 working points all at the same time in a centralized way, this machine can effectively absorb the flow of dust and directly blow it into the sealed tank and then drain the filtered air flow out of dust. After all, with the help of this machine, you have more working space and much cleaner environment
  • Compared with the traditional one machine one dust collector combination method, the machine can save quite some working space and costs in installing the costly centralized turbo collecting system
  • Compared with the big centralized dust collector, this machine can be used in the room. When the workshop has central heating in the cold area, it can avoid to blow off a lot of the workhouse temperature, so it can reduce the cost and save energy
  • Qualifier of environmental protection industry certificate
Fan power
11 kw
15 kw
22 kw
Fan revolved speed
1120 r/min
1520 r/min
1820 r/min
Air delivery
20723 m³/h
28258 m³/h
34229 m³/h
Wind pressure
1138.8 pa
1320 pa
1450 pa
Filter bag
Ø150 x 1800 mm x 110pcs
Ø150 x 1800mm x 110 pcs
Ø150 x 1800mm x 110 pcs
Dust inlet size
Ø550 mm
Ø 550 mm
Ø 550 mm
Collection tank
15 m³
15 m³
15 m³
Overall dimensions
430 x 220 x 410 cm
430 x 220 x 410 cm
430 x 220 x 410 cm
Net weight
1580 kg
1670 kg
1860 kg

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