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ME Series

The Me series is designed as the latest entry-level machine for the machining of small-or medium-size workpieces in individual as well as mass production operations. The machine structure is constructed from high quality welding steel and stress released to ensure the greatest rigidity and prolonged precision. It features extremely compact and economical in terms of space requirements.

Me 851 & Me 361
Me 851 & Me 361

Woodwise Control System for Me Series

  • Architecture on industrial PC basis
  • Windows based pull-down menu
  • Display the relative illustration
  • Error diagnostics with explanatory messages
  • Context sensitive help
  • USB interface
  • Teach-in aid program generation
  • Network transmission function
  • Manual pulse generator

Rack Type 8-Position Tool Magazine

With the simple and firm mechanical structures, a long term service life and easy maintenance can be obtained

Spesifikasi Me Series
Me 851
Me 361
Dimensions of Working Table
2500 x 1500 mm
2440 x 1220 mm
X-, Y-, Z- Axis Travel
2500/ 1500/ 200 mm
2500/ 1300/ 200 mm
X-, Y-, Z- Axis Max. Positioning Speed
52 / 52 / 15 m/min
52 / 52 / 15 m/min
Working Unit
ISO 30 spindle
ISO 30 spindle
Motor : 7.5-15hp
Motor : 7.5-15hp
Max. Rotation speed : 20000 rpm
Max. Rotation speed : 20000 rpm
Capacity of tool magazine : 8 pcs
Capacity of tool magazine : 8 pcs
Machine Dimensions
Floor area : 4.3 x 3.3 m
Floor area : 4.2 x 3.0 m
Height : 2.2 m
Height : 2.2 m
Weight : 2350 kgs
Weight : 2250 kgs
Boring Head Configuration
Boring Head Configuration

Woodwise Control System

Interface of Woodwise W6
Interface of OSAI
A powerful instrument that gives WOODWISE machines intelligance of its own. With the diverse possibilities, the operation becomes amazingly easy. The way to control is very flexible and the software can be operated from an external programming position or just on the machine. The option to control an individual machine or some machines from one point is retained. Ethernet networking enables free and individual programming of all machine connected.
Other Software
Generating the CNC program while you are drawing the workpiece
Other Software 1
Other Software 3
Other Software 2
  • Easy-learning and multiple functions
  • Output producing schedule
  • Easy setting of tool and boring unit
  • Automatic examination
  • Working time evaluation
  • Simulation of 3D working path
  • Automatic intelligent composition
  • Diversify composition choise
  • Automatic rotation and simplify drawing 2D multiple and irregular graph composition
  • Optimize usage of material
Berbagai Mesin CNC lain dari Woodwise
NR-260 Vertical

NR-260 Vertical

NR-260 Vertical adalah mesin CNC dari Woodwise untuk memudahkan pekerjaan Anda dalam mengolah bahan.

FA Series 5-Axis

FA Series 5-Axis

FA Series 5-Axis adalah mesin CNC dari Woodwise untuk memudahkan pekerjaan Anda dalam mengolah bahan.

mot 330 S

mot 330 S

Various types of tool changer are available to be adopted according to the working length and the configuration of working unit.

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