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JX-SM4200-4x3 CNC Machining Center

3-Axis Linkage + 1 Axis Rotation

360º Arbitrary Angle Rotation Processing

Exquisite craftsmanship, solve complex and complicated processing problems. Set the greatness of technology, release your hands – open the era of intelligence.

CNC Machining Center Feature 2

Precision machining of milling cutter

CNC Machining Center Feature 1

Drilling and milling cutter precison machining

CNC Machining Center Feature 4

Spiral knife precision machining

CNC Machining Center Feature 3

Surface groove precision machining

1. Conventional fixture

The clamp is accurate and easy to operate.

  • Maximum material width: 180 mm.
2. Tenon clamp

One clamping can complete the milling of two vertical faces and one end face, reducing the number of clamping.

  • Maximum clamping thickness: 120 mm.
  • Maximum clamping width: 120 mm.
  • Length: 350-550 mm.
  • Flip angle: 0°, 90°.
3. Rotating fixture

This fixture can clamp the material and complete the milling on two vertical planes in one clamping, reducing the number of clamping and improving the processing efficiency.

  • Maximum material thickness: 65 mm.
  • Maximum material width: 110 mm.
  • Maximum gripping length: 2400 mm.
  • Flip angle: 0° – 90°.
4. Round bar fixture

This fixture is suitable for the processing of tenon – and – mortise structures such as tenon grooves on the are surface of round bar workpieces. Driven by a servo motor, it can be rotated and positioned 360 degrees.

5. 90° flip JIG

This fixture can complete the drilling and milling of the two vertical faces of the round table or the standard square wood material at one time;

  • The round table: Maximum clamping thickness: 50 mm, Maximum clamping width: 120 mm length (can be selected according to the maximum diameter of the round table).
  • Standard square material: Maximum clamping width: 120 mm Maximum clamping thickness: 100 mm Length: 300-500 mm (exceeding can be customized). • Flip angle: 0°, 90°.
6. Zong angle tenon fixture

This fixture is suitable for the machining of concrete structures with large amount of chips and special-shaped workpieces.

  • Maximum material thickness: 120 mm.
  • Maximum material width: 120 mm.

High quality and efficiency

The control system realizes high-speed interpolation, and the connection speed between the processing tracks is high-speed and stable, the processing efficiency is high, and the processing effect is good.

Graphical programming

Supports intuitive element and module processing trajectory programming to meet different types and sizes of processing requirements, easy to learn

Max. Stroke of X Axis4200 mm
Max. Stroke of Y Axis400 mm
Max. Stroke of Z Axis450 mm
Max. Working Witdh180 mm
Spindle Wheelbase245 mm
X Axis Max. Displacement Speed40 M/Min
Y Axis Max. Displacement Speed30 M/Min
Z Axis Max. Displacement Speed20 M/Min
Spindle Speed12000 r/min
Spindle Power5.5 Kw X 8
Spindle Clamp NozzleER32
Spindle Shank Mounting DiameterΦ2-20
Total Power51kw
Workpiece Pressure0.8 Mpa
Weight 2200 Kg
Dimensions6300 X 3000 X 2400 mm
Loading And Unloading Size6300 X 2600 X 2400 mm

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