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Door Frame Machining Center


Process frame products and assembly doors for various materials such as plate and solid wood

  • This machine is equipped with 45°, 90°, 135° and has three axis groove machine
  • Moreover, a plurality of gutters on the long workpiece can be clamped without changing the tool and repositioning, thereby improving work efficiency and avoiding dimensional errors caused by multiple positioning

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Door Frame Machining Center Feature

  1. Touch screen type parameter input correction can pre-store multiple parameters, easy to switch, easy to operate
  2. The graphic file has parameterized settings, the size and position of the blinking eye, the tightness are automatically adjusted after setting on the operation interface. There are 4 straight plates and 2 45° plates, which can be used for multi-turn type and multi-station processing. The work table is long and can process long materials.
  3. Lubrication system : It has the function of timing oil supply according to the accumulated processing time
  4. Dust-proof system : brush cleaning + vacuum system
  5. Computer docking function (support U disk access) optimize the processing path according to the processing technology requirements
  6. Has the function of peeling to prevent the board from chipping
Fitur Door Frame Machining Center
Door Frame Machining Center Precision 2

135° milling precision machining

Door Frame Machining Center Precision 2

135° drilling precision machining

Door Frame Machining Center Precision 2

90° end milling precision machining

Door Frame Machining Center Precision 2

45° end milling precision machining

45° Bread Width0-200 mm
45° Bread Depth10-30 mm
90° Bread Width0-200 mm
90° Bread Depth10-45 mm
135° Bread Width0-150 mm
135° Bread Depth10-30 mm
Rotary Speed12000 r/min
Wink Bit Speed18000 r/min
Rake Shaft Power5.5kw X 2
Mortise Shaft Power3.7kw X 2
Drill DiameterØ3 - Ø16 mm
Milling Cutter Shaft DiameterØ30 mm
Max. Processing Thickness80 mm
Max. Processing Length 2500 mm
Total Power24kw
Dimensions4350 X 1600 X 1800 mm

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