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G25 – Band Saw Blade Sharpener

G25 – Band Saw Blade Sharpener
G25 – Band Saw Blade Sharpener 2
  • The wet grinding feature assures extremely fine finish on teeth surfaces and greatly extends cutting period of sawblade
  • Grinding amount adjustment is accurately indicated by dial gauges
  • Variable grinding speed is controlled by frequency inverter
  • The micro-computer control provides automatic and humanified operations
  • Electronic parts and circuit design meet CE standards
  • Electronic parts feature multiple interference resistances and protections
1HP + 1/4HP + 1/8HP
Blade thickness
< 2mm
Blade width
35-40 mm
Blade length
Tooth pitch
< 20mm
Tooth height
< 5mm
Front rake angle
5-15 degrees
Working speed
1.4 - 6.4 sec/tooth
Feature 1
1. The G-25 Band Saw Blade Sharpener employs wet grinding method. It accomodates a diamond grinding wheel (SDC) or a CBN grinding wheel to achieve finer teeth surfaces effect and increased teeth life.


Feature 2
2. Easy to adjust front rake angle without affecting teeth profile and other adjustments.


Feature 3
3. High precision blade feed mechanism ensures accurate fine grinding, while reducing grinding loss to a minimum.
Feature 4
4. The machine is equipped with an oil mist collector. It avoids working environment pollution and damage to personnel.

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