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High-performance solutions for edge processing

High-performance solutions for edge processing

Endmaster product

KOCH offers a complete range of edge-banding and hot-foiling machines, from top-quality basic equipment for market newcomers through to fully automated machining centers for large-scale production. Our product lines – base, pro and select – are the basis for an ideal system design. With optional equipment enhancements, each high-performance machine can be seamlessly adapted to suit your specific needs.
Superior-quality components throughout our range ensure consistently outstanding precision in all aspects of edge processing.

  • Production of a wide variety of workpieces – whether profi led, shaped or special parts
  • Complete workpiece processing through enhanced equipment for shaping, drilling, glueing and dowel insertion
  • Manual feed or through-feed
  • Application of a wide variety of edge materials, from paper, ABS and PVC through to melaminic and wooden edges with
    minimum thickness of 0.15 mm
  • All standard glues, including EVA, PUR and PO


You can rely on KOCH to answer all your needs with expertise, precision and passion. With KOCH as your partner, you are offered the full range of possibilities, where transparency and consistency are guaranteed. From our clearly structured range of products, we provide you with the perfect solution to match your requirements. Whether gearing up for a profi table launch, optimizing production to increase fl exibility or confi guring a unique system for maximum performance – no matter how you decide, each option is designed with the core competencies of the industry‘s leader and results in top quality. We call it the K-SYSTEM.
At its manufacturing facilities in Germany, KOCH produces cutting-edge technology for wood processing. Our product lines,
consulting expertise and services are available around the world at any time through our extensive network of branch offi ces and business partners.

Product lines to optimize productivity and success

Base.line >>  Effective planning. Efficient production.

  • Pure function and top quality combined in concentrated form
  • Convenient handling and reliable performance guaranteed
  • High-quality equipment at an attractive package price

Pro.line >> Fexibly featured. Designed for growth.

  • Enhanced functionality for targeted optimization
  • Boost in flexibility thanks to additional features
  • Select machines at an attractive package price

Select.line >>  Customizable configuration. Smart optimization.

  • Tailored confi guration to maximize performance
  • Utmost fl exibility through perfectly customized functionalities
  • Seamless integration into production processes

ENDMASTER-K base.line  |  ENDMASTER-P base.line

The perfect launch into just-in-time production

For high-precision processing of profi led, shaped and other special workpieces, our base.line equipment is extremely versatile. These single-sided edge-banding and hot-foiling machines with manual feed are ideal for just-in-time production, for example of frame parts, furniture fronts and single-drawer components. They can accommodate a wide variety of edge materials and standard adhesives.

Endmaster K Base line
ENDMASTER-K base.line
Versatility for just-in-time production

Overview of base.line features

  • Edge-banding unit
  • Routing unit

Optional features

  • Second routing aggregate
  • Storage for fi ve different tape coils (manual change)
  • Horizontal drilling unit
Endmaster P Base line
ENDMASTER-P base.line
Single-sided hot-foiling machine

Overview of base.line features

  • Chamfering unit
  • Hot-foiling unit

Optional features

  • Drilling unit
  • Dowel insertion unit
Endmaster P Baseline 1

ENDMASTER-P base.line
Drilling and dowel insertion unit (optional)

Endmaster K Baseline 1

ENDMASTER-K base.line
Edge-banding and routing unit

ENDMASTER-K pro line 2

ENDMASTER-P base.line
Chamfering, drilling, gluing and dowel insertion unit

ENDMASTER-K pro line 3

ENDMASTER-P base.line
Hot-foiling unit

ENDMASTER-K pro line 4

ENDMASTER-P base.line
Chamfering unit

ENDMASTER-K pro.line  |  ENDMASTER-P pro.line

Double-sided processing with through-feed

Our pro.line models have been specially developed for processing workpiece ends of narrow parts, such as rails, stiles and plinths. Conventional adhesives, such as EVA, PUR and PO, can be used for materials such as MDF and chipboard.
Double-sided processing with automated through-feed ensure precise, effi cient series production of components even with critical dimensions. Thanks to the modular design, optional features allow you to expand and optimize the system to perfectly suit your processing needs. The machine can serve as a stand-alone solution or be integrated into a production line.

ENDMASTER pro line
ENDMASTER-P pro.line

Overview of pro.line features
Profi led workpiece ends can also be hot-foil laminated with ease.

  • Hopper feed with stock separation
  • Trimming station
  • Formating station
  • Chamfering station
  • Hot-foiling station

Optional features

  • Workpiece return feed conveyor
ENDMASTER-K pro.line

Overview of pro.line features
Our edge-banding machines can apply any standard edging material measuring 0.15 mm to 3 mm thick. Special CNC trimming units with sensing rollers follow the contours of the components with absolute precision, removing any excess banding material to ensure an accurate finish.

  • Hopper feed with stock separation
  • Koch Numeric Positioning control
  • Edge-banding station
  • Routing station for edge band trimming
  • NC positioning for X, Y and Z
  • Workpiece return feed, especially for delicate surfaces
ENDMASTER-K pro.line

Optional features

  • Central lubrication system
  • Semi-automatic filling unit for glue granulate
  • Edge-drilling station
  • Workpiece return feed conveyor
  • Inclined hopper
ENDMASTER-K pro line 1

ENDMASTER-K pro.line
Edge-banding station

ENDMASTER-P pro line 1

ENDMASTER-P pro.line

ENDMASTER-K pro line 2

ENDMASTER-K pro.line
Hopper feed, edge-banding and routing station, fi lling unit for glue granulate

ENDMASTER-K pro line 3

ENDMASTER-K pro.line
Routing station

ENDMASTER-K pro line 4

ENDMASTER-K pro.line
Semi-automatic fi lling unit for glue granulate

ENDMASTER-K select.line  |  ENDMASTER-P select.line

Maximum output for series production

ENDMASTER select line

The ENDMASTER edge-banding and hot-foiling machines in our select.line series include all the advantages of our pro.line series, but are specially designed for maximum performance. Their solid engineering and top-quality components ensure consistently clean and absolutely precise processing.

  • Ideal for the processing of workpiece ends of narrow parts, such as rails, stiles, plinths etc.
  • Application of a wide variety of edge materials, from paper, ABS and PVC through to melaminic and wooden edges with minimum thickness of 0.15 mm
  • Use of standard adhesives, such as EVA, PUR and PO
  • Durable, low-maintenance components
ENDMASTER-K select.line

Double cycle for maximum output

  • Double cycle workstations
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple parts


ENDMASTER-P select.line

Maximum performance with through-feed processing

  • Optimized system design for high-volume series production
  • Integration of high-performance components for maximum productivity and safety
ENDMASTER select line 1

Hot-foiling station

ENDMASTER select line 2

Chamfering station

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