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FS-36 – Dowel Cut And Chamfering Machine

A Dowel cross-cut and chamfering Machine

FS-36 - Dowel Cut And Chamfering Machine

The FS-36 cuts and chamfers the dowels at an extremely high rate-up to 36 cuts per minute.


  • The operator need only load the dowels into the rotary drum, after which both the cutting and chamfering processes are automatically operated.
  • The large capacity,52hole rotary drum reduces machine downtime to a minimum. 14mm hole diameter as standard-larger diameters available upon request.
  • When a change of dowel diameter is required. only the bush need be changed.
  • Compact, bench type construction allows this machine to be easily moved throughout the worksite.


FS-36 - Dowel Cut And Chamfering Machine detail 1

Accessories for FS-36

  1. Cutter
  2. Tube
  3. Chamfering blade
Diameter of dowel cut
Ø6-Ø18 mm
Minimum length of dowel cut
20 mm
Maximum length of dowel cut
150 mm
1/2 HP
Cutting speed
36 piece/min
Net weight
80 kgs
Gross weight
100 kgs
Machine dimension (LxWxH)
560x500x580 mm
Packing dimension (LxWxH)
640x550x730 mm

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