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Clipper L – 5 Axis CNC Work Center


3 independent motors, housed in a hardened aluminum fork, to create a perfectly rigid and compact unit. (Standard Equipment)

4 independent motors, 4 spindles. Working head consisting of 4 motors in a tangetial asset. Ideal for classic performances on 5 axes with limited machining space.

4 independent motors, 5 spindles. This working head presents 4 motors in a cross configuration: 3 independent single spindle motors and 1 horizontal double spindle motor.

One motor housed in a hardened aluminium fork, to create a perfectly rigid and compact unit. Ideal in all machining where the least encumbrance is needed, such as the manufacturing of moulds.

Independent boring unit with 3-5-7 spindles, 32 mm centres, in vertical or horizontal / vertical configuration. It is located on the sliding guide with 360° swivel around C axis.

Available on heads type T1-T3-T4-T4R-T5 with HSK F63 / F80 connection. The drum type tool changer is available with 8,12 and 20 positions.


Hold-down system by vacuum. Jig fixed on the TANDEM tables

Work directly on the traverse by removing the TANDEM table higher Z working area


Table with rexilon plate with a squarely grooved pattern for vacuum clamping of the workpiece

Tandem system with plane bars and alu-supports with integrated vacuum, allowing machining on 5 axes

Table with flat aluminium plate with holes or “T” grooves, suitable for mechanic clamping of large and heavy workpieces

Combination of flat+tandem table with aluminium top plate and squarely grooved pattern

Pneumatic clamps that can be easily allocated at each side of the tadem support

Tubeless plane bars or with membranes of various dimensions and shapes


Main Characteristics:

  • Powerfull CAM with integrated 3D simulation
  • Complete managing of the machine and its tools (clamping cylinders, magazines, etc) while programming offline.
  • Collision control
  • Continuous motion of the machine with no stops or pauses among the various steps
  • Easy programming trough macri system and intuitive with immediate simulation of any programmed operations