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ABC-3125-II – Double Sizer (Adjustable)

Length Wise : 750 – 1230 mm, Cross Wise : 1800 – 2450 mm

ABC-3125-II – Double Sizer (Fix)

Length Wise : 1230 mm, Cross Wise : 2450 mm

ABC3125 II - Full Auto Trimming Saw
Adjust Machanism
Adjust Machanism
Plywood trimming saw ready for test
Plywood trimming saw ready for test
Pre-loading device
Pre-loading device
Automatic stacker systems
Automatic stacker systems
Edge waste clearing away device
Adjust Machanism

  • Machine structure is sturdily built with enough rigidity and high stability.
  • All working process is controlled by PLC, cutting and stacking is fully automatically.
  • Machine configures Pre-Loader device, which greatly improves the production efficiency: One shift working can produce 3000-4000 pcs (Thickness:16mm)
  • Machine has high precision anti wearing guide rail, with high precision cutting. The relative deviation of the diagonal is smaller than 0.5 mm
  • Machine has edge waste clearing away device, it can automatic sweep the cutting waste away.
  • Equipped perfect dedusting system, to take better care of the environment.
  • All the works in this machine can be finished by two workers, low labor strength.

This saw machine is composed by infrared positioning, Pre-loading, longitudinal trolley fasten Part, longitudinal trolley chains transmission, longitudinal saw heads, transverse trolley, tranverse saw heads, transverse trolley chains transmission, automatic stacker.

All working process is controlled by PLC, in the plywood production process, the final size of the plywood will be cut completely automatically

High precision wear-resistant guide track
High precision wear-resistant guide track
Electric control system
Electric control system
Working dimension
2440 x 1220 mm
Saw blade diameter
Φ250 - Φ315 mm
Working thickness
3 - 50 mm
Main saw blade speed
6500 - 7000 rpm
Overall dimension
8500 x 5500 x 1020 mm
7200 kg
43 kw
with lifting table and automatic stacker

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