TS-W43W-M – UV Curing

TS-W43WM – UV Curing
AC380V 3 φ 50 HZ
PVC or other Coating UV curing
DimensionEffective irradiation width
1350 mm
Incoming height
80 mm
Suit DimensionIncoming sect length
623 mm
UV sect length
1200 mm
Outlet sect length
623 mm
Outline DimensionTotal length
2446 mm
Total width
1980 mm
Total height
2196 mm
Conveyor to land distance
825+50 mm
Conveyor width
1540 mm
UV LampImport UV Lamp * 3 pcs
80 W/CM
Effective irradiation length
1375 mm
Lamp can be easily to be light up even in Winter
ReflectorAluminum extrusion reflectorNew designed mirror printing, better efficiency than traditional type more 30%
Structure designInner/outter are SS41# steel with rust proof lacker and lacker, 60# light sandy color
MaterialTransmission motor adopt turbo deceleration motor, Conveyor adopt teflon infrastructure
TransmissionSuction device.
Conveyor speed Max.
5-30 m/min
Electrical non sect adjustment.
CoolingAdopt force air cooling system
Control BoardUV lamp current meter, lighter operation timer, Over heat indicator, lighter finish indicator, Power indicator, Start switch, Stop switch,
Breakdown indicator, UV lamp switch, Lamp strength switch.
Safe DeviceCreepage breaker inspection, over heat protection, Transmission motor over load protection
blower motor over load protection, emergency stop, control board fuse.
Accessery3m length Power Cable

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