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AG125 – Tool Grinding Machine

AG125 – Tool Grinding Machine dapat dipakai dengan Centauro V-Type Gouges. Dilengkapi Tool holder dengan pengaturan micrometer.

JF-G5 – Profile Grinder (5:1)

It grinds high efficiency woodworking NC router. To grind complex profile variety for instance combination of straight line and curve.

JF-400 – Automatic Tool Grinder

JF-400 – Automatic Tool Grinder. It is a superior machine, which is easy to operate and can save manpower. Grinding just needs setting once.

JC- 312 – Profile Grinder (1:1)

JC- 312 – Profile Grinder, Work table back-front, left-right are moved with Ø9, Ø6mm linear bearing cross roller rail sets, accuracy ±0.005mm.