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Multi Rip Saw

MRS-300A Multiple Rip Saw

Upgrade dari mesin Kuang Yung paling popoler MRS-300. Dengan tambahan fitur dan fungsi yang mengingkatkan proses kerja.

MRS-350A Multiple Rip Saw

  MRS-350A Multiple Rip Saw This ruggedly constructed multiple rip saw is designed for powerful and heavy duty cutting operations. Driven by a 100HP motor making it ideal for cutting hard wood materials. POWERFUL FEEDING ROLLER CONVEYOR (Optional) The feeding...

MRS-300 Multiple Rip Saw

    MRS-300 MULTIPLE¬†RIP SAW The Most Popular Model of Kuang Yung's Multiple Rip Saws, MRS-300 The specially designed bracket elevation on worpiece pressure system allows for more thickness variation. MRS-300 Multiple Rip Saws Outstanding Features  ...

MRS-12 Multiple Rip Saw

MRS-12 Multiple Rip Saw   Minimum Length of Workpiece 200mm (8") Designed and engineered for lumber cores, finger jointed panels and material preparation in furniture factories. MRS-12 Multiple Rip Saws Outstanding Features   LASER DEVICE (OPTIONAL) Provides...

LMC-300E Multiple Rip Saw

Featuring extra powerful feeding effect, the LMC-300E Series will exhibit higher ripping efficiency and productivity