Magnum – Automatic Spraying Machine

High performance spraying machine

Spraying achieves a uniform application of thinly automized paint. Being an extremely versatile lacquering system, it is suitable for flat and profiled surfaces and it can be used with a wide range of paint types and lacquer weights

Magnum – Automatic Spraying Machine
  • High Feed Speeds with synchronized functions
  • High Quality Finishing Results thanks to the optimal fluid management system for all the finishing materials. Full flexibility with multiple full flow fluid circuits and patented independent reciprocators
  • Quick Change of Materials with multiple lacquer recovery units and integrated color change software
  • Spray Cabin Kept to Optimal Spray Condition with automatic capture filter replenishment by including the option of “filter on demand”. This minimizes end of day clean up and eliminates stoppages for filter change

Magnum and more

Extended Distance Between Reciprocator Arms and Adjustable Spray Offset

Extended Distance Between Reciprocator Arms and Adjustable Spray Offset Independent drives to each arm allowing variable spray offset. With the extended distance between reciprocator arms the benefits are:

  • Opportunity to allow material flow out between reciprocators.
  • Isolation of overspray so each gun set is not causing disturbance to the next application of finish from second reciprocator
  • More controlled application of difficult materials like W based, High gloss and metallic finishes
  • All points result in controlled superior finishing which is repeatable every time by saving set up within recipes and filed in the system for future use.
Multiple Material Reclaim Units 1
Multiple Material Reclaim Units 2

Multiple Material Reclaim Units
The possibility of installing multiple reclaim units allows each to be dedicated to specific materials. This allows instant material change without stopping the line to clean the system ready to reclaim the next material.

Air Filtration System - Dry - Wet Bed with Automatic Filtration 1

Air Filtration System – Dry – Wet Bed with Automatic Filtration

  • Dry – Standard dry down draft system using pleated cardboard filter.
  • Dry / Filter on Demand. A system used which automatically indexes the advancement of the filter to match a preset work counter. Alternatively the operator can manually advance the filter. Automatic advancement ensures a constant spraying environment ensuring consistent spraying conditions, therefore reliable high quality results.
  • Wet System – Wet system is recommended for very high quality when using materials which generate “dusty” overspray which may fall back on the workpiece. The system has a wet filter separating solids from the water and returning clean water to the machine.
Air Filtration System - Dry - Wet Bed with Automatic Filtration 2
Air Filtration System - Dry - Wet Bed with Automatic Filtration 3
Air Filtration System - Dry - Wet Bed with Automatic Filtration 4

Large cabin with full two sided easy access

Large cabin with full two sided easy access 1

Flexibility in the spray cabin size to be selected according to the type of finishing required and the feed speed of the line. Easy and wide access to the cabin on both sides with full height doors for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

Large cabin with full two sided easy access 2

Spray area is supplied with input air from a wide and specially engineered filter roof across the entire spray cabin. it’s special design ensures perfectly even air distribution across the full working area. Cabin walls are all fabricated with Stainless steel facings for easy clean up.

Large cabin with full two sided easy access 3

Glass doors and interior lighting provides excellent visibility of the finish as it is being applied to the substrate.

Large cabin with full two sided easy access 4

Quick access to the mechanical, electrical parts of the machine without using tools or keys.

Reciprocators and spraying arm

Magnum - Reciprocators and spraying arm 1

The two reciprocators have independent brushless servo drives. As the drives are independent, Superfici has developed special software to allow the reciprocator carriages to be offset. With the offset very precise overlap patterns can be achieved, giving extremely flat and even coating application.

Magnum - Reciprocators and spraying arm 2
Magnum - Reciprocators and spraying arm 3
Magnum - Reciprocators and spraying arm 4
Magnum - Reciprocators and spraying arm 5

Gun holders, with positions for up to 8 guns each and be used with up to 6 circuits. Options include quick change gun mounting plate assemblies and motorized height adjustment.

Lacquer reclaiming unit

Magnum - Lacquer reclaiming unit 1

Lacquer reclaiming unit “scrape on wet”.
The principle of the system to apply on the spraying belt the same material that is being used for spraying the panels. This fresh paint will dissolve the dry material on the belt and it can then be easily removed by means of a scraper. The complete reclaiming system is mounted on a slide out trolley to ease cleaning and quick color change operations. It is also possible with dual units to use in tandem allowing scraper blade clean off without stopping production.

Magnum - Lacquer reclaiming unit 2

It is possible to install on the machine more units at the same time for an instantaneous quick change and separate lacquer reclaiming of various products.

Extra width belt in spraying area, which achieves a high coating recovery percentage, with less lacquer overspray in the filters. This also prevents the edges of the belt from being contaminated with dried coating.

Filtering systems

Magnum - Filtering systems 1
Magnum - Filtering systems 2
Magnum - Filtering systems 3

Machine can be supplied with dry filtering with double layer of filtering material and totally removable filtering boxes from the two sides of the machine.

Magnum - Filtering systems 4

As an alternative to the traditional dry filtering, it is possible to install as option the dry filtering system FILTER ON DEMAND, which automatically changes the filters when needed. The dirty filter automatically changes on operator request or after a certain production has been processed. The dirty filter is automatically deposited into a collection tank, located outside the spraying cabin.

Magnum - Filtering systems 6
Magnum - Filtering systems 7

The machine can be supplied with a wet filtering system, particularly utilized in case of high gloss finishing. This system consists of a suction tower with an air scrubber and skimmer for the waste collection. The side filters in the machine are now water “weir” style with continuous water flow to the skimmer for cleaning.

Workpiece detection and control

Magnum - Workpiece detection and control 1
Magnum - Workpiece detection and control 2
Magnum - Workpiece detection and control 3

The operating system Optispray can be programmed with all relevant parameters. These can be adjusted to specific spraying operations and later be recalled for easy and accurate set-up.

The new software can also control automatic colour changes, up to 10 colours.

Magnum - Workpiece detection and control 4
Magnum - Workpiece detection and control 5
Magnum - Workpiece detection and control 6

A diode reading bar at the infeed detects the dimensions, position and shape of the incoming work-piece. The part or parts profile form the base data for accurate spray placement.

The system has a PC interface with a user-friendly 3D graphic. The machine status is shown on the display and can be controlled by our own remote service support.

Technical details

Magnum 2

Magnum 2

Magnum 3

Magnum 3

Magnum 4

Magnum 4

Magnum – Automatic Spraying Machine
Working width
1350 mm
Spraying width
1700 mm
Working height
900 +/- 20 mm
Reciprocator motor power
9 Kw
Max speed
180 m/min
Total installed power approx.
24 Kw
26 Kw
30 Kw
Air volume
9500 m³/h
13000 m³/h
18000 m³/h
Machine length
Magnum (2/3/4) 1
4990 mm
5990 mm
6990 mm
Magnum (2/3/4) 2
5740 mm
6740 mm
7740 mm
Magnum (2/3/4).3
6500 mm
7500 mm
8500 mm

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