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Honeycomb Paper

Honeycomb paper adalah bahan pengganti particle Board, MDF board, termocol ataupun plywood yang ramah lingkungan. Salah satu pengunaaan yang umum adalah sebagai bahan core untuk pintu didalam rumah. Penggunaaan lainnya adalah untuk dinding partisi, perabot rumah tangga, dapur, interior perahu, pesawat terbang, interior mobil, interior kantor dan untuk keperluan lainnya.

Honeycomb Paper: Ringan dan Kuat

Struktur berbentuk segi 6 yang juga sering digunakan untuk material konstruksi. Secara kekuatan fisik, bentuk segi 6 adalah salah satu yang mempunyai struktur ketahanan paling tinggi, contohnya adalah sarang lebah.

Honeycomb Paper akan memberikan karateristik yang sangat bagus pada kontruksi funiture, seperti :

  • Kestabilan yang sangat tinggi, tidak mudah mengalami perubahan bentuk.
  • Mempunyai kekuatan bending yang sangat optimum.
  • Mempunyai kekuatan yang tinggi, sesuai dengan perbandingan berat.
  • Dapat diproduksi dalam waktu yang yang tak terhingga, mengingat mudahnya untuk mendapatkan bahan baku.
  • Mempunyai daya tahan yang lama
  • Transportasi lebih mudah, karena beban yang ringan
  • Mudah di rakit

The Natural Backbone

We would like to emphasise that we would be pleased to help you select the honeycomb paper  suitable for your production conditions. Because of our years of experience we can also help in solving any technical problems you may encounter. Our challenge: to be your natural choice in honeycomb. Axxion offers honeycomb with various parameters:

  • Thickness: from 8mm to 150mm
  • Cellsize: 10, 13, 15, 21, 25, 30, and 40
  • Standard width (unexpanded): 1000, 1080, 1225, 1250, 1300, and 1600mm
  • Papertype: 120gr/m2, 140gr/m2, 160gr/m2, 170 gr/m2

The choice of above-mentioned parameters depends on your production conditions and products. Axxion Technology can be of assistance in making this choice. The price of the honeycomb depends on these parameters and the needed quantity. Other applications of honeycomb paper:

  • Packaging industry (e.g. production of cartoon pallets)
  • Black and whiteboards
  • Construction purpose: floor panels and lightweight partition walls.

The Production

The production of honeycomb door is easy:

1. Preparation of a wooden or a chipboard frame
2. One side of each of the two boards is glued
3. The frame is glued on one board
4. The honeycomb is placed in the frame. It can be expanded manually or preferably mechanically.

Mechanically: A machine is used to expand the honeycomb, fix its structure and cut it to the desire length. There is a difference between “cold expanding” and “warm expanding”

With cold expanding the honeycomb is stretched mechanically in the same way as manually. The honeycomb does not have to be fixed with staples, because it springs back to the desired width by overstretching.

With warm expanding the honeycomb is dried in the oven. The advantage of this method is that the humidity is extracted from the paper. That way the honeycomb can absorb more humidity out of the glue with the result that during the pressing phase the board will absorb less humidity.


A smooth door will be the result. Axxion equipment can deliver and install all the above –mentioned machinery for you. There is a modular program of basic machines with different options available which optimise the model of each application.

Manually: The honeycomb is stretched a little bit further than the desired width. As soon as the honeycomb is released, it will shrink a little. The honeycomb is placed in the frame and fixed with staples. This method is rather labour intensive and is therefore not used in large production.

5. Finally the last board, which has been glued in advance, is applied to the outside. Everything will be put in a press for pressing. Then further processing follows (edges, locks, wearing irons). The honeycomb doors can be produced in a “hot” or “cold” process. In the same way furniture panels can be produced. Precision in the production of components filled with honeycomb ensures further processing with the use of the most modern and accurate techniques of surface finishing, e.g. overprint technology.

Paper Applications

Advantages of the use of paper honeycomb in the production of panels for doors, furniture, partition walls and other construction elements:

  • Low price
  • Light weight and with that a low weight of the final product
  • Simple in use in your production process
  • Quality level stability
  • An environment friendly final product

Paper honeycomb is used by the largest panel manufacturers worldwide in any panel or door type: flat, painted, with wood-like film, veneered, molded skins doors and steel doors. It is also applied for the production of “board and frame” furniture, e.g. by IKEA. And the use of honeycomb in the packaging industryis increasing.

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