EP330/EP270 Panel Saw

  • Air table reduces the friction to the minimum to prevent chipping and wearing of the delicate materials.
  • Precision helical rack and pinion drives ensure smooth and dynamic running even at the highest speeds, at the same time reducing noise to the minimum.
  • Main saw motor is linked to the saws by V-ribbed belt that results in the clean precision cut.
  • Cutting is automatically adjusted to the size of the panels according to the value set-dramatically reduces the cycle time.
  • Saw blades are easy to be loaded and unloaded in an efficient manner.
  • The main saw and the scoring saw with electronic lift feed on linear guide that obtains lasting straight-line precision and rigidity and guarantess excellent cutting finish.
Spesifikasi EP330/EP270 Panel Saw
Cutting dimension
3300*3300*80 mm
2700*2700*80 mm
Saw blade projection
100 mm
100 mm
Saw carriage speed
5-80 m/min
Main saw motor
15 KW
Scoring saw motor
2.2 KW
Main saw dimension
380*4.4*60 mm
Scoring saw dimension
180*4.4*60 mm

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