Compact0925 – Drilling Technologies

Compact0925G – Drilling Technologies


  • Although compact in construction, this vertical drilling machine is uncompromising on its rigidity, thanks to its well-balanced structure and precision-engineered frame.
  • The automatic gripper supports and holds the panel firmly in place while moving thr workpiece with flexibility and ease. the air table ensures no wear on the panels.
  • Configured with an independent spindle and a drill bank with 9 vertical drills, 6 horizontal ones and a saw blade, this machine is a perfect solution that marries versatility and efficiency in just 10m² of space.
  • Adopting the cutting edge digital driving technologies, this machine is further improved in its reliability.
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Drill Bank + Spindle
1*5.5 Kw Spindle (9.6Kw optional)
15*drill head (9 vertical+6horizontal)
4-slot tool changer optional

Compact0925G – Drilling Technologies_2

Procedural pre-check to ensure the correct workpiece is loaded. if not, the system automatically sends out a warning

Compact0925G – Drilling Technologies_3

Clamps designed to hold and move even small workpiece steadily.

Compact0925G – Drilling Technologies_4

Air table to protect delicate material

Compact0925G – Drilling Technologies_5

Innovative clamping system as opposed to convantional hold-down method that promises greater flexibility and speed.

Spesifikasi Compact0925 - Drilling Technologies
Traveling size
900 x 1600 x 180 mm
900 x 1600 x 180 mm
Max. panel dimensions
2500 x 900 x 50 mm
2500 x 900 x 50 mm
Min. panel dimensions
200 x 50 x 10 mm
200 x 50 x 10 mm
X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive
Table structure
air floatation table
air floatation table
Spindle power
5.5 Kw
9.6 Kw
Spindle speed
18000 r/min
24000 r/min
Traveling speed
80/60/25 m/min
80/60/25 m/min
Drill bank. Configuration
9 vertical + 6 horizontal + 1 saw blade
Driving system

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