BQK1913/4 – CNC Single Spindle and Spindleless Combined Peeling Lathe

BQK1913-4 - CNC Single Spindle and Spindleless Combined Peeling Lathe

This machine is high auto veneer processing equipment which integrate conveying, centering, spindle peeling, and spindleless peeling. With high efficiency, full auto lever it is suitable for plywood and lamination. One person can finish operating the whole line

Veneer speed
90 m/min
Cutting log length
1000-1350 mm
Chuck diameter
95 mm
Max. cutting diameter
400 mm
Min. cutting diameter
40 mm
Cutting thickness
0.8-3 mm
Spindle speed
0-200 rpm
Chuck motor
15 Kw
Single-roll motor
15 Kw
Double-roll motor
8 Kw
Tool cartridge feed servo motor
7.5 Kw
Double-roll feed servo motor
7.5 Kw
Tool aperture servo motor
3.7 Kw
Clamping rotation servo motor
5.5 Kw
Centering motor
3 Kw
Clamping travel servo motor
3 Kw
Feed-in motor
1.5 Kw
Conveyer motor
4 Kw
Hydraulic station motor
4 Kw
Total power
77.7 Kw
Overall sizes
12580 x 5760 x 3350 mm
22000 Kg

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